“I absolutely love to watch Natasha work with a group. Not only does she inspire movement and creative expression, she also creates moments of true human connection. Her empathy and her playfulness put each person at ease, even when the world might be a pretty scary place for them.”

Emily S. Gavin, MS, OTR/L
Rehabilitation Services Manager
Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA


“I can use many influential and positive words to describe Natasha’s work with the older adults at Mercy LIFE, but one word that stands out is engaging! Natasha brings the “light” into the room, as well as the therapeutic aroma, memorable songs from our seniors past lives, to sing along to and reminisce. The most engaging piece is the calming adaptive dance movements Natasha incorporates for our participants to mimic while seated in their wheelchairs and chairs. The seniors who we may not typically see moving much, talking and socializing, are suddenly sitting up straight, smiling and even singing during Natasha Dance/movement therapy group. With Natasha’s modality added to the centers’ leisure programs, our participants have become more active, more eager to engage, and look forward to Natasha’s group. As a recreation therapist, I have seen participants who have depression, arthritis, and even dementia, sing along word for word, dance and laugh during Natasha’s Dance/movement therapy group. The conversations Natasha has with participants through music and movement are therapeutic and interactive. Participants leave the session feeling revived! I have worked with Natasha for many years and I am especially glad to share her expertise in Dance/movement therapy with our seniors at Mercy LIFE, especially those with cognitive deficits and dementia.”

Chanel Coleman, CTRS
Recreation Therapy Manager
Mercy LIFE
Philadelphia, PA


“It has been my privilege to have the opportunity to work with and collaborate with Natasha Goldstein-Levitas in various capacities on multiple NewCourtland initiatives for over a decade. Natasha approaches therapeutic programming with innovation and creativity working in multiple settings across the NewCourtland Network. She uses this creativity in conjunction with incredible therapeutic abilities to engage seniors at various functioning levels and motivates them with programming that focus on wellness and the pursuit of healthier life styles. Natasha is a highly dependable, responsive individual with incredible attention to detail in the delivery of her craft. In this regard, I credit Natasha with mitigating the debilitating effects of loneliness, helplessness and boredom, which are the major contributing factors leading to senior frailty. Natasha is highly regarded by the NewCourtland staff and the constituents we support.”

R. Max Kent
Vice President of Operations and Plans
NewCourtland Senior Services
Philadelphia, PA


“Dance/Movement therapy is one of Germantown Home residents’ favorite activities. Natasha’s gentle approach combines dance, movement, reminiscing and guided imagery which the residents enjoy and respond extremely well to. The smile and the kind expression on Natasha’s face encourage participation, and the softness of her voice soothes the soul.”

Ludmila Kovatcheva,
Assistant Nursing Home Administrator
NewCourtland Germantown Home
Philadelphia, PA


“Natasha brings with her a peaceful and healing energy that transcends and transforms the environments in which she serves. Our participants are living with pain, anxiety, depression, physical and social limitations that would leave some paralyzed. Natasha helps our clients feel well again in the midst of their dis-ease. Indeed she is a gifted practitioner.”

Aginah Shaw, BS,CTRS
Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator
NewCourtland LIFE Program
Philadelphia, PA