About Natasha

Natasha Goldstein-Levitas Headshot

I am a Philadelphia, PA based Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist specializing in Aging, Dementia, and Care Partner SupportI am also Director of the NEW Creative Arts Therapy Minor Undergraduate Program at University of the Arts. This administrative role includes strategic planning, teaching, advising, and the development of a robust, inclusive new Creative Arts Therapy Minor curriculum.

I have over two decades of clinical experience working primarily with older adults, individuals living with dementia, and their care partners, across various cultures and with diverse backgrounds. I use a person-centered, movement, and sensory hybrid approach, to help connect and EngAge. I fully support the creative arts therapies, collaborative processes, and arts accessibility for all.

My therapeutic sessions and trainings are tailored to individual needs and requests and are offered for groups or individually. I work primarily with older adults, individuals with varying cognitive and physical abilities, and with care partners of all ages. I offer therapeutic movement experiences, creative suggestions for support and empowerment, and therapeutic, evidence-based recommendations to help communities, individuals, and their care partners navigate life changes and move towards wellness.

My professional history and current work includes:

  • Dance/movement therapy (DMT) clinical supervision & Adjunct instruction
  • Community-wide therapeutic program development & Healthcare administration (previous role)
  • Clinical research collaboration; Interventionist and session manual development support
  • Care partner training
  • Aging and dementia presentations
  • DMT and therapeutic engagement sessions

I am a member of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) and honored to have been a Staff Writer for the ADTA Blog.

I have presented my work and approach at various healthcare, aging, and dementia conferences and communities including: the Alzheimer’s Association, Memory Care Forum, LeadingAge Meeting and EXPO, and Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions. I am also a published author on topics related to my work and a member of The National Institute for Dementia Education (NIDE), Standards of Excellence (SOE) Council.

  • Meaningful therapeutic engagement for older adults, individuals living with dementia, and their care partners, using a person-centered, movement, and sensory hybrid approach.
  • Aging, dementia, and community initiative support (group and individual work; care partner training; tailored therapeutic program design and development within various aging and memory care communities).
  • Extensive knowledge of (and personal affinity towards) Classic Jazz and Soul Music. I use appropriate and culturally sensitive music of all genres as a primary stimulus for movement and engagement.