Press and Publications

Natasha is honored to have her work published in the American Journal of Dance Therapy’s Special Issue: Social Justice in Dance/Movement Therapy Practice, Research, and Education (December 2019). Her article offers creative, non-pharmacologic, and cost-efficient methods, including Dance/movement therapy, that may help increase overall comfort, dignity, and quality of life for older adults with dementia-associated aggression in long-term care settings.

Goldstein-Levitas, N. (2019). Moving towards wellness in long-term care: Considerations for dementia-associated aggression. American Journal of Dance Therapy. 41(2), 286–301.

Natasha was interviewed for‘s September 2018 article “Dance Therapy: A Counterstep for the Isolation of Dementia.”

Natasha is featured in a November 2016 Delaware News Journal article on the benefits of dance/movement therapy for dementia.

Natasha is honored to have had her work published in the 50th Anniversary Issue of the American Journal of Dance Therapy (December 2016). Her article offers a holistic, cost-effective, and fruitful approach to promoting quality of life in dementia care.

Goldstein-Levitas, N. (2016). Dance/movement therapy and sensory stimulation: a holistic approach to dementia care. American Journal of Dance Therapy, 38(2), 429-436.DOI 10.1007/s10465-016-9221-5

Natasha has contributed a chapter on dance/movement therapy with institutionalized older adults to Stephanie Brooke and Dorothy Miraglia’s 2015 book Using the creative therapies to cope with grief and loss.

Goldstein-Levitas, N. J. (2015). Dance/movement therapy with institutionalized older adults: an effective, holistic intervention for loss adaptation. In Brooke, S.L. & Miraglia, D.A. (Eds.), Using the creative therapies to cope with grief and loss. (pp. 263-282). Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas Publishers.

shouse_bookRead Natasha’s interview with Deborah Shouse on the Dementia Journey website and in Shouse’s 2016 book, Connecting in the Land of Dementia: Creative Activities to Explore Together.

Get a sense of Natasha’s Dance/Movement Therapy work with older adults in her
May, 2015 posting on the American Dance Therapy Association’s blog.

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